SquareShooter® HDTV Antenna System

The SquareShooter® is only 16 inches square, but receives and resonates analog and HDTV signals 40-50 miles from the transmitter, depending on the model - SS-1000 or
SS-2000 (amplified).

Its small size and design allows for versatile mounting locations such as walls, roofs, patios, attics and railings. Plus, theSquareShooter® can be mounted above a satellite dish using Winegard’s DS-1000 home satellite mounting kit and diplexed with the existing satellite coax cable, incorporating both the satellite and SquareShooter® Off-Air signals on one cable.

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Potential mounting options for SS-1000 and SS-2000 antennas   
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Winegard SS-1000 Square Shooter UHF Only Digital/Analog/HDTV Antenna System (SS-1000)

Winegard’s newest digital antenna. A true technological break-through and Innovations award winner. It’s the Best designed, Best-built, Best performing, Best looking, Easiest to install, Urban/metropolitan HDTV antenna available

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Winegard SS 2000 SquareShooter UHF Only Amplified Digital/Analog/HDTV Antenna (SS-2000)

Winegards newest sister antenna to the SS-1000. The new SS-2000 has a built-in 12dB UHF amplifier better suited for HDTV OFF-AIR reception. Built from the award winning SS-1000 style antenna. 
  • Integrated 12dB gain amplifier across both UHF/VHF bands for better reception of digital HDTV channels. 
  • Choose amplified model SS-2000 with built-in pre-amp when 25 miles from tower or further