Video Distribution


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DA-506BID: Bi-directional RF Distribution Amplifier

The Model DA-506BID Bi-directional RF Distribution Amplifier creates an ideal entry-level product for broadband distribution. Encased in an extruded aluminum shell, the Model DA-506BID meets the needs of small distribution systems which do not require IR control or modulator inputs. The Model DA-506BID has one input for CATV or off-air antenna and six outputs for televisions. Four outputs are for televisions up to 75 feet away and 2 outputs can be used up to 150 feet away. The DA-506BID has bi-directional capabilities with a 5-42 MHz bandwidth return path on the CATV/antenna input. This allows compatibility with interactive CATV set top boxes. Grid mount ears are included for mounting in the Model 2619 Rack-mount grid. The DA-506BID IS compatible with broadcast DTV Television signals on the VHF & UHF bands. The DA-506BID is NOT compatible with digital or analog CATV signals above 806 MHz (CATV channels 127-140).

• 54 MHz to 806 MHz forward bandwidth
• 5 MHz to 42 MHz reverse bandwidth
• 1 dB nominal gain on "short" TV outputs
• 4 dB nominal gain on "long" TV outputs
• ±1.5 dB gain flatness
• Maximum input level 20 dBmv
• 6.3" W x 1.25" H x 4.5 D"


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3025: Three-input Video Distribution System with 5-volt IR

The Model 3025 Three-input Video Distribution System with 5-volt IR accepts a CATV or antenna input, audio/video signals from two video source and modulates them to two user selected channels that can be seen at five TV locations.

The modulator channels are digitally programmed. Push a channel select button to choose the desired unused TV channel and the internal microprocessor digitally sets the modulator to the exact FCC channel specification. The channel settings are retained in memory during a power failure.

The Model 3025 features optional IR control of connected video sources and whole house IR integration with a built-in 5-volt IR engine. Model 2133 set-top IR targets connect between the amplifier outputs and the television sets. IR emitters connected to the amplifier will repeat the IR remote control signals back to the video source component.

• All-in-one video distribution system
• Built-in modulators
• Modulator channels digitally programmed
• Programming retained in memory during power failures
• 5.5" W x 6.8" H x 2.0" D


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5445: Four-channel Video Modulator

The Model 5445 Four-channel Video Modulator converts four video and stereo audio inputs to four programmable TV channels (stereo audio is converted to monaural audio after modulation).

The Model 5445 modulator offers video loop-through. Jumpers on the Model 5445 terminate the video inputs at 75 ohms. When a jumper is removed, the input can be looped using a "Y" adapter to feed the video to a local monitor or VCR.

• Four modulated TV channels
• Creates TV channels for cameras or other video sources
• Channel range: CATV 65-125 (excluding 95-99) and UHF 14-64
• Pushbutton digital programming of modulated channels
• Compatible with DA-8200 and DA-550 series distribution amplifiers
• 7.9" W x 1.5" H x 5.5" D