WineGard HD7698P Platinum Series Antenna

HD7698P Platinum HD Series Antenna
Maximum Mileage:
65 Miles
Bands:    H-VHF    UHF
DTV.Gov Signal Levels: Strong    Moderate    Weak
Channels: 7 - 51

  • Most powerful deep fringe antenna
  • Additional elements and length for increased performance

Knowledge Base:    Manual    Spec Sheet    Proper Phasing

Antennacraft HD1850 Heavy-Duty VHF/UHF/FM Antenna

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Antennacraft's Top Of The Line- HDTV Antenna

Model Number: HD-1850

 General: Channels 2 - 69 Electronic Elements 84 Output Impedance 300 ohms Physical: Boom Length 180" Maximum Width 112" Vertical Height 38" Turning Radius 102" Element Diameter .375" Shipping Weight 16.0 Carton Dimensions 7" x 9" x 98" Performance: 1 Gain (dB) VHF Low Band 6.2 VHF High Band 10.7 UHF Band 10.0 2 Half-Power Beam-width (deg.) VHF Low Band 65.0 VHF High Band 34.0 UHF Band 37.5 3 Front-To-Back Ratio (dB) VHF Low Band 20.2 VHF High Band 17.3 UHF Band 13.7

Spec Sheet


AntennaCraft CCS1843 TV Antenna

VHF / UHF / FM 54 Element Extreme Fringe Outdoor Television Antenna for High Definition Digital Signal HDTV Reception


  • VHF High Range: 100 Miles (Ch. 7 - 13)
  • Vertical Height: 38"
  • 180" Boom Length
  • Fits Mast Pipes Up To 1 1/2" Diameter
  • Turning Radius: 105"
  • VHF Low Range: 100 Miles (Ch. 2 - 6)
  • UHF Range: 60 Miles (Ch. 14 - 69)
  • 54 Active Electronic Elements
  • Max Width: 110"
  • Extreme Deep Fringe UHF/VHF/FM TV Antenna
  • UHF Range: 60 Miles (Ch. 14 - 69)

Antennacraft HBU 55 145" HDTV Antenna

High-Band VHF/UHF Antenna for HDTV Reception


  • The HBU55 features a VHF/UHF Isolation Network to help isolate VHF and UHF signals along with Channel Spanner Technology that helps eliminate out-of-phase signals.
  • 145" BOOM LENGTH

Winegard LNA 200 Digital HD Pre-Amplifier

The function of a preamplifier is to amplify a low-level signal to the original strength of the signal. As an example if your signal loss caused by the length of your coax run or use of splitters is equal to 10db, you can add a 10db preamplifier to receive the original signal strength.

A preamplifier cannot make up for low to no signal at the original location. It can only make up for the signal lost over the coax.
AP Series HDTV Digital Preamplifiers
75 or 300 ohm input and universal housing for use with any off-air TV antenna to stay clean, dry and weather-protected. Zinc-plated steel hardware; all mounting hardware included. Specialized circuitry featuring fast recovery diode that protects against lightning-caused pulses.

Selectable FM trap reduces FM signals (88-108 MHz) -15 dB to prevent overload, tunable FM trap reduces a 3 MHz band width by -12 dB.

10G202 Hi-Gain Signal Pre-Amplifier

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Split Band Design for Ultra Low Distortion

Best in Deep Fringe Areas where all signals are weak.

10G202 Hi-Gain Signal Pre-Amplifier

Mast mounted-Indoor power supply

Average gain: 29 dB VHF /UHF

Noise figure : <3.0 dB VHF, 2.5dB UHF

Internal RF shielding

Split-Band Amplification

Surface mounted design

High quality transistors

Switchable FM trap

75 ohm input/output

UL listed AC operation

Meets CEA amplifier specs

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Channel Master Rotor

Channel Master 9521A Antenna Programmable Rotator Remote Control Automatic System Rotor Complete

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Allows Pinpoint Positioning of your Outdoor TV antenna via Remote Control!!!!

Control Unit:

  • Compatible with Most Universal Remote Controls (including satellite)
  • 69 Channel Programmable Memory
  • Non-Volatile Holds Locations in Memory During Power Failures
  • Automatic Synchronization for Accuracy
  • Direct Access via TV Channel Number or Digital Compass Location
  • Pinpoint Position Accuracy!!!!!!!!

Drive Unit:

  • One Piece Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Heavy-Duty Rotator Motor
  • Wind-Tested Brake Pads
  • Durable Powder-Coat Paint Finish
  • Precision-Cut Gear System
  • Built-In-Steel Thrust Bearings

AntennaCraft Rotator TDP-2

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Heavy Duty motors provide enough torque to handle even our largest antennas!

  • TV/FM Antenna Rotator
  • One piece high alloy aluminum construction
  • Strong machine-cut ears that won’t bind
  • W synchronized motors for exact degree station location
  • Holds mast pipe up to 2” diameter
  • UL Listed, AC operation
  • Requires 20 gage 3 wire rotator cable (not included)
  • List Price $99.95